All About Cedar + Light Rail Updates

Hello awesome West Bank businesses and friends,

Just a reminder that our monthly member meeting is Thursday, and it will be all about Cedar Ave. City staff will be on hand to answer your questions about updates and we’ll also hear more from the Cedar Cultural Center about their plaza project.

Jon us on May 15, 4:00pm at Augsburg’s Oren Gateway Center.


An update for those interested in participating in the “Taste of the West Bank” restaurant booth. (All West Bank businesses and caterers are welcome to participate.)

To make this more equitable, we have decided to run this booth using a ticketing system. We will sell tickets for $2 – the West Bank Business Association will have a booth staffed where we will sell tickets and make change. Restaurants / caterers can then price their food for 1, 2 or 3 tickets etc. Vendors will be paid based on the # of tickets received.That way you have more control over your pricing and the split will be more fair.

Food preparation will NOT be done on site – restaurants should bring their own warmers. (Let us know if you need help getting them.) The booth will be open from 8:30am-4pm and businesses can replenish throughout the day as needed. (Recommended.)

Businesses will need to staff their own stations.

For businesses that are interested – you can opt to have 50% of your proceeds go towards benefiting the Cedar Riverside Relief Fund and the families of the victims affected by the January Fire. This will be advertised to guests.

Participating Businesses may provide (and are encouraged to provide) coupons and incentives to encourage return traffic to their restaurant. For example – “a free appetizer at…” or “10% off your next purchase at…”

Applications are due by May 15th. Your application will be reviewed by the planning panel and a response will be sent to you no later than May 30th. You can submit the form here:
or send the following info to

Contact Name
Restaurant / Vendor Name
Logo / Link to your logo
Food you would like to provide (Please describe the food you would like to serve. We suggest 1 or 2 of your favorite items that represent your offerings.)
Phone (We must have a phone number for the day of the event and to answer any questions we may have.)
Are you interested in donating 50% of your cut to the Cedar Riverside Relief fund? y/n (This will in no way affect your application to participate.)

looking forward to a great celebration!


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