The West Bank Business Association (WBBA) manages a variety of programs that serve the West Bank community.

  • Business Support Services: We approach our priority of business retention by strengthening area businesses through marketing assistance, training, and increasing district traffic. We also offer discounted / pro-bono services and technical support. We conduct outreach including translation to make sure local businesses are aware of available resources and opportunities.
  • Facade Improvement: We administer the city’s Facade Improvement program, helping connect businesses to contractors and helping them through the application process.
  • Public Policy: We serve as a voice for area businesses on current policy work at city and state levels, such as the Minimum Wage, plastic bag, “safe & sick” time ordinances and more.
  • District Marketing: We market the district and our area’s businesses through a variety of platforms including web, social media, radio, and print. Our goal is to share the local narratives and highlight independent businesses to specific audiences that include residents, students and new guests to the area.
  • Transit Oriented Development / Strategy: We work alongside partners at Met Transit and other Green Line businesses to organize collaborative marketing efforts and activities.
  • Way-finding and Signage: Knowing that way-finding is a key factor in perceptions of safety and a key connecting point between guests and businesses, we’ve worked to place way-finding in prime spaces throughout the district.
  • Authentic Narrative: We use unique events and individual stories as we introduce guests to the neighborhood. From Music History Walking tours to the “West Bank Crash Course, a week long “un-conference,” an introduction to culture, art, and businesses of the neighborhood. These efforts highlight local narratives and connect people to individual shops, restaurants, and stories.
  • Clean-up / Graffiti Removal: We work with partners to host regular cleanup and graffiti prevention campaigns, stocking businesses with graffiti cleaning supplies and installing pop-up art installations and murals to prevent future graffiti through environmental design.
  • Connecting Resources: Through our programs and projects, we unite area stakeholders to work together on neighborhood projects and priorities