Reminder – Member meeting next Thursday October 17th


A few points of business:

2014 Planning Session

Please mark your calendars for next week Thursday, October 17th, at 4:00pm. An agenda is below.

We’ll be meeting at Augsburg’s Oren Gateway Center. If you’re not able to make it to attend this planning session, please feel free to complete the survey here so that your input is taken into consideration as we update our Strategic Plan and prioritize for 2014.


Check your calendars!

Do third Thursdays at 4pm still work for everybody? We want to make sure we maximize business attendance, and we are considering adjusting days/times for 2014. We’ll be bringing in guests to present on a variety of topics, from social media to technical assistance for businesses.

What days and windows work best for you?
What topics would you like to hear more about?

If you plan on or would like to attend more member meetings in 2014, please respond to the following poll with your preferred availability and areas of interest.

A note – in 2014, member meetings will revolve around area topics for businesses, and will not involve as much in the way of governance as they have this year. If you’re considering board officership, those meetings will be set at a time that is mutually beneficial to all officers elected to the 2014 board. (In other words: we won’t be doing everything all at once anymore. Attendance to either will be open to all, but you won’t have to go to both if you don’t want to.)

Board Membership and Officership

Are you interested in getting more active with the WBBA, and taking on a leadership role? We’ll be taking recommendations for the board at the October meeting. All members will have the opportunity to vote on the slate of Board Members.

Nominations/volunteers for officers for the executive committee (board chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer) will be taken in November from the elected board.


The most recent version of the revised bylaws is available here:

Delegates: please come to next week’s meeting prepared to vote. If you are not able to attend, please send your vote (yay or nay) regarding the bylaws to the Board Chair Todd Smith –

Agenda for the October meeting

I. Welcome & Introductions – 4:00 (10 mins)

II. Bylaws vote (5 mins)

III. Member renewals (5 mins)

IV. Strategic Planning Session – 2014 (1 hour)

V. Review and Recap (10 mins)

Adjourn 5:30pm


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