Reminder – Member Meeting Thursday April 18th

A friendly reminder that our monthly member meeting is next week, Thursday April 18th at 4pm.

We’ll be meeting at Augsburg, in the Oren Gateway Center.

Some of you were wondering why we’re updating our bylaws. This process has actually been in the works for over 2 years now, and the need was called by one of the executive committee members. However with the transition last year, some of the updates have been slow to get addressed. Better to do it right, than do it quickly, correct? The member committee, new as of this year, has been taking on this work and is making good progress.

5 Reasons for needing adjustment of By-Laws
1. Our current by-laws were last edited in 1997. These by-laws do not contain the current name of our business (West Bank Business Association).
2. It is our recommendation that members have the voting power to elect WBBA board representation.
3. What we have on file with the IRS is not current or up-to-date information.
4. The current by-laws do not reflect our current business operations, we would like the by-laws to reflect that more accurately.
5. The current by-laws delegate structure only allows for a single (1) faith based organization, this does not allow for adequate reflection of our actual west bank community make up.

Those are just a few of the pressing reasons why we’re going through a series of updates.

The agenda for our meeting below.


April – Monthly Member Meeting

4:00pm Thursday April 18 2013 –
Oren Gateway Center, Augsburg College


4pm – Call to order
I. Welcome/Introductions (10 mins)

II. Business (5 mins)
– Approve March minutes

III. New Business (5 mins)

IV. Committee Updates (15 mins)
– Member Recognition & Outreach
– Festival Planning
– West Bank Ride / Cycling Event Committee (postcards!)
– Safety Committee
– West Bank Improvement District – Updates and Presentation – Lot A Vision & Planning

V. Membership, Bylaws, and Board Structure (10-15 minutes)
Bylaws on file:
Bylaws as proposed:

VI. Update from Cam Gordon’s Office (5 mins)

VII. Review/Recap (5 mins)

4:55pm – Adjourn

Upcoming WBBA Meetings

  •  Thursday April 25, 2013 – Cycling Event Committee @Mapps – 10:30am (Last one before the ride!)
  •  May 9, 2013 – Member Recognition @Mapps – 9:00am
  •  May 9, 2013 – Cycling Event Committee Wrap-Up @Mapps – 10:30am
  •  May 9, 2013 – Festival Planning Location (@Whiskey) – 5:00pm
  •  Next Member Meeting: 4:00pm Thursday May 16, 2013

Less than two weeks away – April 27, 2013 – West Bank Ride!

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