West Bank Business Association – Meeting Thursday


A reminder that our next member meeting is this coming Thursday, November 15th, 4:00pm at Augsburg. At our Strategic Planning session, many members talked about wanting to get involved, wanting to know more about membership and wanting to know when our committees are meeting and working. Many of you also had great ideas on how we can grow and improve. Thursday will be our chance to put those words and thoughts into action! I’m really looking forward to meeting with you on Thursday, to talk about upcoming activities and how we can start of 2013 on the right foot. A full meeting agenda is below.

Last month we talked about Transit Oriented Development. For reference, you can find the notes from our October meeting here: http://wbba.thewestbank.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/2012-10-18_MemberMeeting_Minutes.pdf
and the supplementals are here: http://wbba.thewestbank.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2012-10-19_Supplementals.pdf

And last but not least, we want to call your attention to the upcoming Multicultural dinner – this Friday, Novemer 16th, at 5:30pm.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is once again time to join and celebrate the uniqueness of the cultures in our community. This year our friends at the Brain Coyle Center will once again be hosting the annual Multicultural Dinner on Friday, November 16th at 5:30pm. This is a time for residents of the Cedar Riverside neighborhoods to enjoy a meal together while sharing stories, culture, and food. In order to create a successful event and serve more than three hundred community members, we are asking for your support. Your contribution will go to help supply distinct cultural foods to serve to the residents of the community. If you are interested, here are some possible ways you cancontribute:

–          Contribution of a food donation from your restaurant

–          A contributing discount price for your restaurant’s food

–          Any contribution of utensils

If you have any questions or you are looking to donate, please feel free to contact Sara Huffman at 612-338-5282. Thank you for your consideration and for your support.

Thanks for your continued participation and support!

See you on Thursday,



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