Announcing the West Bank Loyalty Card!

Greetings West Bank Businesses,

I’m super, super excited to announce a program that’s been in the works for several months now:

The West Bank Loyalty Card!

Our goals with this loyalty card program are to

1) Promote West Bank Businesses

2) Drive return traffic to the area

3) Get people trying more businesses on the West Bank, maybe even getting new favorites

4) Create positive perceptions and experiences about the West Bank Biz community

We’ll be releasing the loyalty card along with an updated area directory of businesses – woohoo! The map and directory design was created by award-winning local cartographer and designer Kevin Cannon – And dare I say I think the design looks awesome! Here’s a sneak peak for you of the inside:

All area businesses will be automatically listed in the directory. You can participate in the loyalty program in the following ways:

1) Offer a deal! (Or participate with an event.) Deals will be delivered on a week-by-week basis. Deals and events can be anything you want. For example, a deal could be: “two-for-ones at the Nomad from 3pm-7pm!” or “See any performance this week at the Mixed Blood Theatre to get your sticker!” (You see – Mixed Blood’s shows are always free. But they can still participate in this program by participating one week and handing out stickers to loyalty card attendees- pretty cool, right?) If you want to offer a deal or participate with an event, simply email: with what you’d like to do and we’ll schedule you in.

2) Offer a prize! Do you have gift certificates? Or some merchandise you’re looking to promote? If you can donate a prize to the program the prize AND your generous businesses will be advertised and promoted in the newsletter, on the site, and to our mailing list.

3) Host one of the directory and loyalty card stands. We need to get the word out about this program, and we want the area directories in as many hands as possible. If you’re willing, we’ll drop off a fashionable stand with directories and cards to you.

4) Spread the word! Share the deals on Facebook, re-tweet them on Twitter, tell your customers when your deal is afoot. The more people that know about the program, the more everybody benefits.

5) All of the above! (This is really the best choice -don’t you think? 😉 )

Nobody (business or user) has to sign up for a new account or take on the extra expense or hassle of a singular loyalty card program. Our hope is to make this easy for you to participate in and reap the benefits. Users will simply collect stickers by participating in various West Bank deals and events, and turn them in later to the Business Association for prizes.

We really hope that you’ll participate in this program, and we’ll do our best to deliver to you some great results.


Jamie Schumacher

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