Gettin’ Arty on the West Bank

Wow – do we have some news and opportunities for you!

Announcing: The West Bank Arts Foundry!
The West Bank Arts Foundry is for artists, musicians, actors, businesses – and anybody that is or wants to be more arts-friendly and arts-active.

On Saturday April 5, 2014, we’ll be hosting a day-long conference with seminars and brainstorming sessions, all about bringing more creative activity to the West Bank. Sessions will include topics such as graffiti prevention, wayfinding and signage, press and marketing for events, social media for artists and more. We’ll have presenters from Springboard for the Arts, the Artists In Storefronts project, among others who will bring their artful expertise to our great neighborhood!

The West Bank Arts Foundry hopes to:

  • Give creatives some help with making their events and show successful through a variety of seminars and collaborative workshops
  • Give businesses some help with bringing the arts into their shops and storefronts
  • and create more opportunities for artistic endeavors on the West Bank!
We have not announced this project to the public yet because space is limited.  We want our member businesses and West Bank friends to be able to register first! You can find out more about the workshop sessions and registration by visiting the website at:

Oh, and did we mention the cost?

It’s free.


Mural Artwork Needs a Host

An opportunity for West Bank businesses and property owners.

The mural paint project is an art work completed by the Brian Coyle Center Youth in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood. The art work is an effort to combat graffiti, and to beautify the neighborhood. This particular mural project is to depict the generational gaps in the west bank. The young men and women, who came up with the ideas for the mural project wanted to bridge the generational differences between the elders and youth. They painted a picture of the old home(Somalia) who the elders are familiar and feel comfortable with and another  picture of the youth who have embraced the new home(west bank, America)  with which they feel very comfortable , but with those differences also comes many similarities. The west Bank brings both the worlds of the elders and youth together. Here in the West Bank, we see the world which the elders left behind, the culture and lives they used to live, and the American culture the youth have embraced. The mural project paints a picture where both worlds converge.

  • The panels are 8 by 4 feet wide. There are 4 panels.
  • Easy to put up and take down, no structural damage to the building.

If you are interested in hosting these beautiful murals, please contact the Brian Coyle Center or email for more information.


Looking forward to a beautiful and creative 2014 with all of you!



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