Restaurants have a new multilingual tool to keep their kitchens healthy and safe

Restaurants have a new multilingual tool to keep their kitchens healthy and safe

Videos offer bridge to language barriers so commercial kitchens understand critical health guidelines

April 2, 2013(MINNEAPOLIS AND SAINT PAUL) Restaurant kitchens need to follow health and safety guidelines so customers can be assured their meals are safely prepared.  However, if restaurant owners, managers or staff know limited English, communicating these critical food safety requirements can be a challenge. That’s why a new series of videos are now available in six languages to help restaurants better understand how to follow food safety rules.

Emergency, Community, Health, and Outreach (ECHO) and the Minneapolis Health Department have partnered to create the series of short videos in English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Mandarin Chinese, and Vietnamese.  The videos focus on a variety of important topics that are critical to the safe day-to-day operation of  a commercial kitchen.

The videos can be viewed online at or on the City of Minneapolis Health Department’s website at The following critical topics are covered in short videos: “Be Your Own Food Safety Inspector,” “Employee Health and Hygiene,” “Protection from Contamination,” “Times and Temperatures,” and “Safe Facilities and Equipment.”

ECHO, a nonprofit specializing in creating linguistically and culturally effective educational materials for immigrants and refugees, was selected to work with the City of Minneapolis Health Department to create these videos, which feature bilingual Minneapolis Health Department staff and local Minneapolis kitchens.

Minneapolis Health Department staff will use the videos on-site as they visit restaurant kitchens to do inspections. They will be able to play the videos for staff, and they can also provide DVDs at each kitchen for future review, education, and self-audits.

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