West Bank / Cedar – Riverside Call for Art – 2017 Northern Spark & Springboard Pilot

West Bank / Cedar – Riverside Call for Art – 2017 Northern Spark & Springboard Pilot

Northern Spark - Call for art

Share gifts of light, gifts from the earth on the West Bank during the 2017 Northern Spark.

Gifts are nourishment for humanity, and our first night market will focus on the gift economy.

“A gift economy, gift culture, or gift exchange is a mode of exchange where valuables are not traded or sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards.”

Northern Spark is a free all-night art festival exploring the effects of climate change through participatory projects happening in neighborhoods along Metro Transit’s Green Line.

The 2017 Northern Spark will be June 10 from sunset to sunrise. Our gift economy inspired market will include interactive stations where guests can create receive and share gifts created with community members and artists.

Vendors/artists can request up to a $500 stipend for supplies and participation.

To Submit:

– Email westbankba@gmail.com;

– Include your name / artist name;

– A 1-2 sentence summary of the gifts, art, or experience you will be sharing;

– Requested stipend;

– If available, photo or concept sketch;

– If available, link to artist site or webpage.

Download a pdf with this info: 2017_NSPK-CallForArt


Pilot Project at People’s Center

Springboard for the Arts is currently seeking one artist, or artist team, to create a mobile tool to prompt interaction between the staff, patients, and community at People’s Center Health Services in Minneapolis. This opportunity is for one commission of $7,000.

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