West Bank Music Fest – Coupon Book

The West Bank Business Association is excited to announce a new shopper incentive program, helping local businesses leverage the West Bank Music Festival. Please read on for more details.

What’s the deal?

Not all West Bank businesses participate in the West Bank Music Festival – but we want them ALL to benefit.

The West Bank Business Association is putting together a coupon card and booklet that will be distributed to guests of the festival. Our distribution goal is 10,000 copies.

Guests will be invited to come back to the West Bank after the festival to use all the great discounts. Area business are eligible to participate for free!

How It Works:

It’s easy! You set the discount. We make the book.

You can submit your coupon information online easily using this simple form.

People are more likely to use cards vs coupons – so we’ll also be making a custom punch-card that guests can carry with them easily and providing you with special hole-punchers. Coupons will expire December 31, 2012.

At the end of this promotion, we’ll be asking you for feedback about your participation.

Not web savvy? Contact the West Bank Business Association for help.
612-326-9652 or info@thewestbank.org

Want more?

Looking for a little more OOMPH than a coupon? We’re also selling ad space in the coupon booklet.

Ad space sold in the booklet will help support our year-round member services.

For more information on ad space and rates, please download the flyer or contact us at info@thewestbank.org

Coupon Ideas

There are a lot of different ways you can handle your coupon. The best method is to select a discount that draws people to your business but where you can still turn a profit.

Some ideas are:

  • 10% off any purchase
  • Buy-one-get-one-free (or 1/2 off) ticket sales
  • Free size upgrade on your drink
  • Free appetizer with meal and drink purchase

Or get creative! There are lots of ways you can encourage not just patronization of your business, but encourage the kinds of patrons you want to see. Nonprofits and non-retail businesses can participate in this program too. More examples:

  • Free hug or high five with any contribution or new membership
  • Free coffee if you rode your bike (proof of ridership required… your helmet!)

We’re going to do our best to get business in your door!

The deadline for coupon participation and ad sales is June 30. 2012.

The more businesses that participate in this effort, the better it is for everyone involved! Please help us get the word out. You can find a flyer about this program here:

West Bank Music Festival- Incentive Card (pdf)

About Us

The West Bank Business Association is a 501(c)6 nonprofit. Our mission is to strengthen and celebrate the neighborhood by promoting the area and connections between its residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations.

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