Board of Directors May Minutes

West Bank Business Association

Board of Directors Meeting
Thur May 15
Oren Gateway Building, Augsburg College


Call to order
Present: Susannah, Anna, Glenn, Jim, Jeff, David, Eunice, Damon, Todd (L), Cadillac (L), Hussien (WBCC rep)

Excused: Dan, Russom, Phillip, Mark, Amano

Unexcused: Rod, Sharon, Lynn, Mary
Approve Minutes from Apr Meeting
1st: Eunice
2nd: Jeff
Y: 9
N: 0
A: 1
Finance Update
Optimistic. Good start to the year. LISC money received early May and so $5,000 put directly to line of credit balance. Received $10,000 grant for graffiti removal and clean up program.
E.D. Report Questions
LRT opening June 14
5 …

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Board Minutes from Feb 28th meeting

West Bank Business Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Oren Gateway Building Augsburg College

Thur Feb 20, 2014 3p




1. Call to order

Start 3:18p

Present: Russom, Michelle, Anna, Damon, David, Euince, Rod, amano, Jeff, Susannah, Jim


Excused: Mark, Cadillac


Not Excused: Phillip, Sharon, Glenn, Todd, Lynn, Mary


2. Adjustment to agenda


3. Pass Board Minutes from 1/16.

Motion 1st: Eunice

2nd: Anna

Pass: Unanimous


4. Membership Renewal.

Info has been sent out to all local businesses. Memberships due by 4/14. We have already …

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Dec Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Meeting of the Board of Directors on Dec 19th

West Bank Business Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Dec 19th, 2013

Courtyard Marriott

1500 Washington Ave S




1. Call to order

Present (in order of arrival)

Damon Runnals

Jeff Radich

Rod Johnson

Sharon Johnson

David Markle

Anna Lohase

Phil Kelley

Susannah Johnson

Mark Johnson

Todd Smith

Michelle Kwan  – late (quorom met)

Jim White – late

Lynn Johnson – late

Mary Mellon – late

Cadillac Kolstad – late


Not in attendance (unexcused)

Amano …

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